Sunday, June 29, 2014

The best is yet to Come!

 Hello Family! How are you? It’s been a crazy good week! I am not sure where to start so I will start with this morning, sister Pilkington and I woke up at around 5 so we would have time to clean the house, wash our fans and screens, and do our laundry all before 7am. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. And I even got to take a shower and be ready by 8am.

Yesterday was Sunday, Church was the best! The Dabuet Family was able to attend and we had some other investigators there too! Sister Pilkington gave a great talk on being truly converted and shared some great experiences and she did a great job. I am so proud to call her my companion! The Llego's were not able to come but we did go visit them and we were very glad to help them solve some problems and concerns. Then after church yesterday, the Members were very concerned because, we were running a little low on support money this week, they offered to give us a ride back home from church and to have us over for lunch. I am so grateful for their willingness and kindness to serve us. The members here are very great and I am happy to ask their help in teaching and serving our investigators.

Dabuet Sisters
Then we went out to work and our second appointment was at the Dabuet’s family, they opened up to us and shared some challenges they have seen in their lives and they even noticed the hand of the Lord in their lives and the way He has lead them to investigate and take part of this beautiful gospel! The spirit was so strong as they shared experiences that have had and how the Lord has helped them through trials in their lives. I felt so privileged to be able to bear my testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel and the reality of the Atonement. And that I know the things they have experienced are true and that as they continue in their path to learn more about the gospel, they will be even more blessed, more than you or I can describe!

Last Saturday, we had FHE as a Mandama Ward and it was THE best!! We had fun playing games and enjoying with the kids, our families felt the love from the Ward and were able to make new friends! We had a blast and it helped the whole ward to be closer to each other and to work together to pull off a great event, that was just our goal to help the ward have a little bit more unity and Love.
This last Thursday we had exchanges with the sisters in our apartment, I had the opportunity to go to the other sister’s area and to meet their investigators and help them find and teach! It rained like crazy and I just happened to leave my umbrella at an investigators house the night before, so I borrowed a broken one from a member ha! I only got a little soaked;) but It was a blast and then after exchanges, we had lunch at a member’s house, in the other sisters area who hasn’t been to church in about 4 months. She was so welcoming and happy to have us over for lunch. We were even more grateful for her kindness and concern for us! (And I was even more grateful and happy when I saw her walk into church on Sunday, with her husband and daughter!) So that was a great way to end exchanges!
Forgot the Umbrella
We had district meeting on Tuesday and we were blessed to have the White couple join with us and they shared a great spiritual instruction.

Well, that’s my week in a nutshell it was full of hard work and I learned a lot. Especially from Sister Pilkington! A little update on the ward is that it’s pulling together again and we can see the unity coming back that was lost for a little while. They are more willing to help and be more involved since I have been here. We pray that it will continue so that the work of the Lord here in Mandama can keep moving forward as well! Thank you for your prayers this week.
I love you all, have a fantastic week!
Love sister Rossberg

were on the in:)

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