Sunday, June 22, 2014

Everyday is a chance!

Hello Family! It’s another great Monday! And we had a great week this week.  Im sorry if my email isn’t up to par, I know sister Pilkington is pretty great at writing in more detail so you can read her emails if you’re feeling up to it :)

Back to the 80's

On last Monday, we are trying to try new things so we ate at “Tito Bob Taco’s” it’s like tacobell but not because its in the Philippines! But it was pretty good! Then that night we had and FHE at a Families house and invitited some of our investigators and enjoyed a lesson on Unity and we played, the knot game, it was the first time I’ve done it that it didn’t work because there were so many little crazy kids ha but it was still fun!

The Knot Game 
The Knot Game 2
SO this last week we had transfers on Tuesday and I have been here for a quite a long time, I thought for sure I would be the one to be transferred, but that’s what I get for assuming :) I am still here in the Blessed Mandama with my beloved companion, Sister Pilkington! The work is still progressing like crazy here in Mandama and we found three new families this week and one of which was able to come to church yesterday and they made some friends really fast! This family is the Dabued family, their dad is working abroad and sister Jona lives in a nice subdivision, next door to a member with her daughter, Mitchie (11) and her two nieces, they are great and very interested to learn about the Gospel so of course, we are very excited to teach them!  The Llego’s also came to church again yesterday and Brother Fritz literally knows everyone, it’s the best! Sister Pilkington and I have made teaching families our goal.

We had our District Meeting on Friday this week and sister Pilkington got to give the workshop, we did it on opening our mouths and talking to everyone so that we can be effective instruments in sharing the gospel with heavenly father’s children! We opened it up to all the missionaries in the zone, they pitched in some ideas of how we can be more effective in finding and helping others come unto Christ. Then Elder K (his name is really long and hard to pronounce, so we just call him elder K) gave a spiritual instruction, he is from Sri Lanka, the same place as sister Jayaweera. I learned a lot from him about our desires in life. In thecounrty of SriLanka, there are no missionaries, they were pulled out in 2006 (I believe) and so  the only way they can get baptisms and help the church grow,is through the members. He shared a story about how he basically built the branch in his area and then moved to a place 2 hours from his house with a companion to build a branch that started with 6 people and he as a branch missionary, served full-time. He ended with saying that if we want something to happen in our lives, it starts with us. If we desire success, we will get it. “if you want it, you’ll get it.” I know his words are true and I know that “We gunna smash it!”. I am so grateful for the inspiration of my leaders. His story gave me a whole new meaning on the phrase “if there’s a will there’s a way”.
A Tree House
This has been a loaded week and I am just as excited for this next week because we have a straight week of work, no meetings, no transfers and we’re gunna hit it hard this week! President Dahle comes in this Friday and we are excited to meet him and support him as he becomes the new president of the Philippines Olongapo Mission.

I love you, Have a great week this week!
Love, Sister Rossberg
Sister Pilkington's 1 Year mark

Yes, he is 18 years old

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