Saturday, June 7, 2014

Forget the past and face the future

HI FAMILY!! What another great week it feels like March just ended but June just started! I don’t know where the days go. This will be the fourth week sister Pilkington and I are companions and it’s still going great. The families we are finding every week are doing so great and they bring the most joy to my life, we can never be in sad when we go into their houses because they just have such a desire and love to learn about the gospel and become part of this great work. So speaking of which, an update on my lovely  Llego family is that they are doing great, Brother is slowly getting down to less and less cigarettes every day and most days he dose’nt even think to smoke. He said he just reads the Book of Mormon and wants to invite his boss to listen to our message as well to maybe soften his heart so that he can have Sunday’s off and be able to go to church with his whole family on Sundays. I love them and I just pray I will still be here when they enter into the waters of baptism as a family!

So this week was the first time my whole mission I got to knock on real doors and.. our area isn’t the most wealthy area but we went into a subdivision and  it felt like America because the houses were big, far apart and the first two we knocked on were duds, one wasn’t home and the second one, slowly closed the door and locked it without even letting us say even a word. But we were persistent and only on the third door, we saw a little girl who had just run inside and a mom inside the gate , so we went to knock on their door and before we could even say three words, the lady opens the gate and says, yes, come in! We were shocked, we didn’t want to stay long because their whole family wasn’t home so we talked for a second and then set up a time to be able to come back and share with their whole family.
So this week I will be 6 months in Mandama and I cannot believe that I have stayed here that long… if any of you have looked at Mandama, Bataan Philippines on the google maps, you would see that it is not a big area and its all surrounded in Farms which have little to no houses. I love it here and have been positive even when people tell me how small my area is… I know that I cannot give up on Mandama, not now. I know the Lord has helped and prepared people for sister Pilkington and I to find and help come unto Christ. We just have to find them!
The ward is doing good too! The Bishopric is reorganized and we also have a new EQ presidency and this week they will call a new RS. The bishop and President have asked us to  give a special focus on those youth who are of missionary age but have not left yet and are still contemplating serving missions. We have been inviting those of age and all the youth for that matter to work with us and I encourage you too back home to work with the missionaries and help them find the people searching for the truth and to feel just a little bit of the joy that comes from sharing the gospel. The Lord needs missionaries. And all of you that are of age, 18 or older for boys and 19 or older for girls to be ready to serve Our Lord. I know this is the work of the Lord and he will no0t fail us. I’m sorry for my emails but I hope you have a great week and  thank you for your love and support!
Love sister Rossberg

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