Sunday, May 25, 2014

Parade saves the day

GOOD Morning!! This has been a good week! Sister Jayaweera and I had a blast with the last couple days that we had together, on Monday we had a great family home evening with a couple families in the Ward and played some fun games to help build some unity. I loved it and we got to say goodbye to some of the members too in Mandama.
Tuesday we thought it was the last day of the transfer and were visiting all our goals for the month of JUNE. We went to Visit Nancy but when we got there,  she was out watering her garden and taking care of her mango trees, so we took a few minutes and helped her! I loved it, sometimes I do just what they warn about in Preach My Gospel and forget that we are here to help these people in every aspect of their lives. SO I was so glad to be able to help her even with a simple task as that. It is also in the Filipino culture that they are so hospitable that when you ask to help, half the time they are too shy to let you help them so when people let us help them, we jump on the opportunity! As we finished up watering and helping her in the garden, we taught her a lesson and ate mangos as the sun went down. It was great!

Picking Mango

Wednesday, our plans got all mixed up because transfers were actually on that night so we went to visit the Llego family. THEY ARE THE BEST. and they live in one of our further areas(even though all our areas are pretty close its further than most) but for some reason it always rains when we got to their house. And it just so happened that it was crazy thunder and lightening and within one minute of walking in their house the rain just starts coming! I don’t think it has poured that hard since last July! The Llego’s are a family that we found through our own finding efforts but I am so grateful for them! They are soaking up the gospel and I have loved watching  them change as they learn what they need to do to come closer to Christ. Tet and Fritz Llego and they have 3 kids; Ayla, Vin, and Princess. Brother Fritz used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and has gone down to 10 before we taught him the Word of Wisdom. And when we returned on Saturday night, he was already down to just 5 a day and has been trying really hard not to drink alcohol even just for social reasons. On Wednesday night we tried sharing with them a good spiritual lesson in the pouring rain so we had to get real close and speak in loud voices but they all listened so well. Even the little kids! This family is amazing and I know they will come to receive the gospel but I would ask all of your help to pray for these families, it is not easy, I know that trials are coming but they can do  it and  we all can because Heavenly Father is on our side when we follow his commands.
Llego family

On Thursday we got our new companions and SISTER PILKINGTON, from California is my new companion, I never thought in a million years we would be companions but I am so grateful for her and for the inspiration to continue to find and work hard in Mandama... 

Yesterday, after church, we were crossing the street to walk from the plaza to our next appointment and this 'girl' saw us and crossed the road too and started following us up the road when all the sudden there was a parade and a bunch of little girls dressed up and walking down the street to the plaza with a band. so we went on the other side and she got lost in the parade. then we ran into one our recent converts and talked to them for a little while.. its funny how the Lord works in mysterious ways!  I have been here for 5 months and have gone through  3 companions already, just here in my third area but I am so grateful for the time I have been blessed to spend here and to be with people I love. Our goal is to help Bishop strengthen the Ward and work more in unity so we are planning some good activities for the Month of June and more to come in July! Thank you for your help in strengthening the church wherever you are. I love you and hope you have a great week!

k love you bye,

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