Sunday, May 4, 2014

Macho na bading, buntis na kalbo, sexing butiki

Hello, another week and month has passed and I honestly do not know where the month of April went! Happy Cinco De Mayo! This week we have found some great families to teach and I love it, I love teaching to people who are excited to hear the message and are willing and excited to change their attitudes and behaviors to come back to Christ. 

One of the families we are teaching is the Sanchez family, they have 4 kids, the two oldest are twins, her husband works in Manila and comes home every other week. The twins are so excited have come  to church, they have come several times on their own. But Sister Nancy has been having a hard time really committing to come to church and so we have have been going over several times a week to try and help her find friends and feel comfortable for when she comes! so last Thursday, we are teaching
Sister Nancy
here a super great lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and baptism and then I look over in the middle of my companion talking and see her youngest daughter sitting behind her, reach into her older  sisters mouth and take the gum out of her mouth. then the next thing I know She is laying on Nancy's lap wrapping the piece of chewed bubble gum around her ankle. Just mixing things up I guess.... but I'm guessing it worked because Nancy did come to church yesterday and she loved it! 

This week has been full of struggles and times also to rejoice. I know that has to do with a little thing called opposition, I love this work and I love serving the Lord in this aspect in the Philippines! I hope you enjoy these random pictures :) HAVE A GREAT WEEK, I hope you can make sense of this email :) 
Love sister Rossberg!

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