Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother'S Day!

Hello family!! Happy Mother’s day to all those great mothers out there! :) 

This is Sister Nancy

I am so grateful for the Mothers in my life and the Love they have shared with me, I am who I am because of my great mother!! Ha it seems like just yesterday, it was my first preparation day in the field and I got to Skype with my family and I had no idea what I was doing… not that I know what I’m doing now but I think I got a little better idea ;).
It's mango season!

We have had a great week, yesterday we had Ward Conference and the outcome was great! Everyone invited friends and a lot of people who come to church sometimes, came yesterday and I was just overjoyed to see how full the chapel was yesterday!! The talks were given by Bishop and the Stake President, what I got most out of it was that we all need to come unto Christ, and love Him with all our hearts, by following His commandments. Now is the time, no matter what you are feeling or what has happened in the past, right now, in this very moment is the time to give up our own desires and follow Christ, give Him our weaknesses and let Him make them so much more!! What matters most? As I was thinking today.. Find the most important things in our lives and then go and do it! 

Have a great Week!! I love today and I am so Happy to be a mission. I love you guys.
Love sister Rossberg

'ATTENTION please'

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