Sunday, March 2, 2014

Strengthen your faith and back it up with works! (3/2/2014)

-Us and the Doyle's- from Enterprise (they go home in April) 
March 2
Hello!! This has been one crazy week!!! Last Monday Sister Valles and I both kind of knew that neither of us would be transferred so we just got ready for Tuesday and were so excited to go out in the morning and brave the heat of Philippines sun at 10 AM, I think it’s way hotter in the morning until about 2 than any other time in the day but despite that fact, the people are WAY nicer in the morning.. it’s fact! We were able to just talk to everyone we saw and even got in two lessons before lunch.

Then Tuesday and Wednesday , no transfer so we got tons of lessons in and were able to see the potential that we have for this new transfer. And can I just tell you that the potential is HUGE!! We have a baptism scheduled for the 15th and another one on the 22nd of March. Sister Valles was so excited because, “then she will be able to see Rod and Ronaldo be baptized”. I am also excited!! So that was about it until Thursday of this week when the time just started to fly by. We had our District meeting on Thursday and then we planned after that until about 5:00PM when we had to stop until later because we had an appointment. So we only got 2 appointments in on Thursday but the meeting on earlier that day was great. Just a little back ground info for our zone and the culture of this mission. It is split into three parts; North, Center, and South. I have had the opportunity to start in the North (in San Agustin), last transfer in the Center (San Felipe) and now I’m in the South (in Mandama). I have always wanted to be assigned here because I have heard some great things about the South but I have also heard that it is one of the harder parts of our mission and when I first got here in May, the south really struggled. And the North was doing great things, right around the time I arrived in Mandama, it started to flip and the South started picking up and now we are rockin’ it down here!  We had goal setting in our zone meeting and we have some great goals this month. One thing that I learned from the meeting really was from our couple missionaries who spoke a little bit about hard work. Sister Levin said, “The things you have to work for have more meaning”.  I really liked this because I feel like I grew up on this quote, I had to work for the things I wanted and they definitely mean more to me. She then related it to the Spirit like it says in Doctrine and Covenants 42:14 a prayer of faith we are able to receive the Spirit and this is the most important tool of this work, we cannot be successful with out it. I am working on being more 'masipug' this week! or to be more diligent in all things because we got some goals and we have to achieve.

Then on Friday, we had a meeting in Subic so Sister Valles got to stay in the area and work with a ward missionary, they had a blast and I was a little bit jealous but they had some good work and by the time I got back it was 5 pm so I onnly got to work about half the day again but we got lots of lessons and the members were great to work with us! 

The rest of the week flew by and we were so grateful to have another full day of work on Saturday, SUNDAY we had a big 164 at sacrament and we were so excited! They should start to look at some expansion plans for the chapel because before I'm done here its going to be up in the 200s :) ha JOKE ha we are just excited that so many people were able to come to church and enjoy the blessings. I love it. Wellp I gotta go! I hope you have a great week and love you all thanks for the prayers! :)

Love Sister Rossberg

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