Sunday, February 9, 2014

There is no rest for the wicked.. and the righteous don't need it. (2/9/2014)

Hello! sorry I'm emailing a little later today, we just got back from a zone activity where we played Volley ball and Badminton ha it was the best!! I am definitely a fish out of the water!! but it's the best! So I thought I'd first tell you how I used my Christmas presents ahah because I realized I hadn't officially thanked you so much for sending me all the stuff for Christmas so I got that package on new years day and the tranfr was on the 12 or just a week and a half after so I wanted to sort through a bunch of it before I got transfered, the two 2.5 pound Peanut butter was used very well, the first one we ate before the transfer and the other one I use it everyday.. that has not changed, I love peanut BUTTER!! The clothes were great, I added some great stuff to my variety of what I can wear everyday, that was really nice, especially since president wants us lookin GOOD everyday.. so we do, we look good ! then the candy.. i realized chocolate from america is like gold here.. ha it is SO good, didn't think I would ever miss it so much in my whole life. I like hoard it in my closet and only eat it on special occasions, yea i know it's weird thanks :) Oh and the little gifts and CTR rings are great, i give them to the investigators and they love them and it's great! so now after that Christmas Flash back, lets fast forward to the week of Valentines day.. and why i titled this email what I did. 

SO there is no rest for the wicked, and not like the song, but the righteous don't need it. We had an amazing Zone meeting last Wednesday were we talked about our life goals and as missionaries. The truth is that We. Can. DO. ANYTHING. if we are to involved with the Work of the Lord and we serve him, he takes our load so we cannot feel it. I know that to be true because I have felt it. We literally don't need rest because is there for us. Jesus Christ is there for us because he loves us and wants us to succeed in what ever we want to succeed, if it is a good thing. I love this quote from one elder in my mission, " Everyone always told me I could do it, and I made excuses." I will stop making excuses so that I can be the best in the Lord's hands. I love you all and I hope you have a great week! make good choices :)

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