Sunday, February 2, 2014

End of the "Cold Season" (2-2-2014)

Good morning to you, family! How are  you now? This week has been super great! lets see.. pretty normal I guess, the "cold" season is over already and its hot again :) ha surprise surprise! But this week we had to drop a ton of our investigators and I guess we didn't realize before but it opens up more time for finding and so that has been great, SIster Valles and I have been just talking up a storm and inviting the people of Mandama, Hermosa to come unto Christ! Sister Valles is super great! She grows so much every single day and gets better and better, I am so proud of her many achievements. SO we were able to find many more people that are interested this week and they were able to come to church and feel of the goodness of God. 

The thing I learned the most was how to have the spirit with you always. I have always heard return missionaries talk about this and how this was the key to everything you do and I guess I never understood what that really  means and how important that really is until Thursday. So we had a great day, our first appointment we had to drop our investigator and then we went to members house, who has AIRCON! this is only the first  or second time i have been in a house, besides the mission home, with aircon in the Philippines. so that was great, she gave us some oranges and   we shared with her and set up a time she could work with us to be able to meet with her friend and so we are super excited about that, and then we met a less-acitve member out in the bukid, where those pictures were taken that I sent. 
Then later that afternoon, we kind of returned to the 'city' and went to an appointment with  our investigator who dropped us and that really hurt too ha but we told her we loved her and that the gospel and the missionaries are always here for her when she decides it is her time. so Sister Valles, our ward missionary (Sister Jancel) and I were a little down but we went on decided that there was maybe someone else that the Lord needed us to find, who would be ready. so we started just talking to everyone and contacting less actives and finding people to teach, even though it was a short day for lessons it was a great day because of what we made of it. I could have been and I think if I was still in my old life, I would have gotten mad or just sad and gone home but we were laughing at the end of the day. I felt God's love for the people I am working with and for, I love them, I love the chance I have to represent my Savior Jesus Christ. 

Well anyway I am so happy to hear you are all doing well, keep up the great work and always trust in God. God Bless. Take care!
Love Sister Abbi Rossberg

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