Sunday, January 12, 2014

Time flies when your having a BLAST! (Jan 12, 2014)

It's already halfway through January,  This week was crazy fun! I am so grateful for my Companion, Sister Hart! She is amazing she finishes her training tomorrow and I couldn't be more proud of her, I have learned heaps from her and I am so grateful for the wonderful example of loving service that she gives to me everyday.
Yesterday at church, they had the three missionaries that have been here for almost 6 months in our branch, stand up and bear testimony because they think we will all be transferred, no one really knows until tomorrow so I will also be letting you all know next week if I was able to stay in San Felipe or not! I am so grateful for the time and that I was able to have in San Felipe with these wonderful saints, I love them like family and they have become very close to me. I learned yesterday, that the church is for families,a Mom and a Dad and their kids. And it won't run properly if the basic family unit is not there.
We also had a baptism on Saturday of Maria Rey, she is the sister of Fraulien Rey :) Their dad is also very close to be converted as well and I know that as he sees the changes in his children through the gospel, he will need to change and let the gospel fit into his life, for his family. I am so proud of them and I love them to death. The Petilo Family is like my family here in San Felipe ( They are the Petilo's who have like 17 kids). Needless to say, they are the best and I will miss them very much.
This last week on thursday I was able to go on exchanges with a sister from Kirabates,( cir-it-a-bes) <I think> that's a hard one! haha but she is so great and is from the batch one transfer younger than me. the work is really progressing in the their area of San Narciso, I was so grateful to meet some people that new some of the leaders from my branch and I learned so much about my purpose as a missionary. Then on Friday, when we changes back we visited some less actives and invited them to church. I was so glad to  be back "home" :) 

Last month, when we received the some 100 ties that you were all able to donate to a great cause,   i was able to divide them up into three ways for the three Branches in our Zone. (San Narciso, Cabangan, and San Felipe Branch, of course!):) in my branch we were able to give about all of the ties except about 8 of them. and those eight I will give to one of the members later today so they can send to their son on a mission. Some of the ties also went to one of the elders in my branch, Elder Mediado, he was able to use them because he was in desperate need of some ties. the Instructions were perfect and made sense to me in Tagalog! Magaling kayo! (Your so great!) Thank you po for everything you do.
I hop January has been treating you well and I hope your still keeping to your New years Resolutions :) It can be hard but I know you can do it!! haha keep up the good work especially in sharing the gospel, that is our greatest work on this earth! Have a great week!! LOVE YOU all.
Love Sister Rossberg

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