Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kapangpangan... try saying that 5 times fast :) - (Jan. 19, 2014)

Good morning! How are you!!? I love getting your updates and stuff that is happening in your lives everyday, thank you. I am glad to hear that the work of the Lord has not stopped in your areas and is still going strong just like here in the Philippines! This week was packed so I will start from last Monday.. 
We had a Family Home Evening at a Brother's house who would be leaving on his mission, it was with the whole branch and we were able to say goodbyes and they made us these sweet t-shirts as a remembrance in case we were to be transferred. (Filipinos are way into simple remembrances). SO that was a blast and I am so Excited for him to be a great missionary in the Butuwan Mission, in the Southern Philippines.  THEN tuesday.. it was transfer day and I thought I wasn't being transferred... but I know that if I were to be transferred, i would get sent south.. that that much was true... I got transferred to Orani zone, in the south of our mission, sister Enguito just south by about 30 minute bus ride, and the two trainees, would become trainers! After we found out the transfer schedule at 8:30 on Tueday and  we went to 7/11 to buy chocolate before we went home to pack. Our mission Family would be separated.. i was going to need some chocolate! :(
We got home and just was we had finished planning we get a phone call from one of our investigators, we had texted her to tell her about the transfer and they wanted to say good bye, so before we packed, my "favorite" Petilo sisters met up with us and we said good bye real quick, I just love them! I was sad that I would be missing their baptism but I am so excited for their family to receive the gospel and I know that sister Hart would do a great job to continue teaching them! 
So I couldn't even sleep on Tueday night and then Wednesday came early, we had to catch a bus at 5AM for Olongapo. By the time we get to Olongapo, we had to wait for the AP's and President to tell us where to go and what bus to catch, My companion was not in Olongapo but was waiting for me in Balanga, about a 2 hour bus ride south. SO we caught a bus around 9:30 and I GOT TO TALK TO SISTER GREENE, my MTC companion for about an hour on the bus before I fell asleep... SHe is doing so great and would also be in the South, so that was really fun to see her and talk with her for a little bit on the bus. So we arrived in Balanga around 12 and I met my companion, Sister Valles. she is a Filipino, from Leyte... and guess what? she is only half waay done with her 12 weeks training.. so i would be training still... :) what a surprise.. more than 9 months under the training schedule, I guess I still have a lot to learn and that I have, I have learned so much from Sister Valles, already and I can't wait for her to continue to improve! We got back to our area after lunch and another bus ride to our final destination,  in Mandama WARD, Balanga STAKE and went out to work right away around 4 O'clock. (This is the only stake in the whole Philippines Olongapo Mission and I feel so blessed to be assigned here).

So my area is in Bataan, closer to Manila than Zambales was. IT is pretty country because we are about an hour away from Balanga which is a fairly big city, lets just say.. it's less country than San Felipe but more neighborhoods than San Agustin! It is the best and the people are very nice.. its mostly Tagalog, no Ilokano here but there is some Kapangpangan because it's fairly close to Pangpanga but not as much compared to San Felipe and Ilokano. (if that made any sense). :)
SO Thursday was a normal day, finding and meeting investigators and less-actives! I love it here!! It has been the coldest I have ever felt in the Philippines this last week, i am not positive what the temperature have been like, but it's been freeezing at night, about 20 degrees...Celsius.. is what they say haha! But I'm not sure if  you have been watching it and I'm positive it's still colder in the states and I'm more positive I will die when I experience a real Western United states winter again, good thing I don't have to worry about that for a while :)

Friday, We learned about sacrifice and working hard in our district meeting, on friday and I know that Sacrifice is what it takes, the Lord asks us to sacrifice certain things,  SO THAT he can bless us. He wants to bless us and just like Lehis family, in 1Nephi 2:4, 15. if we look past the initial sacrifice, we will be able to gain so much more and maybe not for ourselves but for the benefit of our brethren, And that my friends, is true happiness... making someone else happy.. and that is exactly what we as missionaries feel joy from and I love it I am so grateful to be able to feel the joy of others coming to know of the truth! Needless to say, Friday was a great day! 

Saturday, we had a area broadcast from the area presidency and I got to see how much the missionaries and members NEED to work together in order for this work to progress. I am so excited to help the ward become great.. I already have 3 assignment and I will have finished by next Sunday.. the members are strong here but i know they can be stronger and more helpful. 
SO this email is LONG... probably one of the longest ones I have sent my whole mission and i am not sure why but it's been a crazy week, I love being in Balanga stake and It's weird being assigned in a ward again. But I love it, our bishop is super supportive and very great, there are so many return missionaries and so many people who are sealed in the temple. they have great room for growth and improvement to be great. We have a baptism right away, next Saturday, 2 Young men, it will compete a family of 10 being members, except for their 2 youngest kids and their Dad.... they are a great family!! 

Well, I love you and I love the Lord! I have a testimony of this work and I know no one can stop it, we just have to keep on keeping on and not get discouraged from anything that might stand in our ways, the work of the Lord will go on! And I want to be a part of it! Keep up the great work in your areas and I know the Lord will bless you!! have a great week

Love, Sister Rossberg

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