Monday, October 14, 2013

A week late..

I dropped the ball again..I was selfishly keeping this  letter to myself and I'm sorry about that.
Here is Abbi's update from last week.  This week's letter will be up later today.   Also, Abbi might be a little bit excited for Conference.

Apparently the movie Twilight was filmed in the Philippines.
So, What a week! I will start from last Monday, we reached our goals for the Month of  September, so we got to go to the mission home and have family home evening over there in Subic and it was a blast! 
And last Tuesday night, we heard that the spouse of one of our former investigators had passed away on Sunday night, she was really sick with a heart condition and tired very easily, even just walking 5 feet, she felt like she was going to pass out. So Wednesday night we went to visit their family, they were all home and we talked with them and expressed our love for their family.  And we get to teach them again this Sunday and we see how the Lord works in mysterious ways to bring the Salvation of his people. 

BOY am I excited for conference!!! COnference, we get to watch it kinda like the normal schedule for you guys in the States, I think because we are so far behind... or something ha I don't really know but here's our schedule:
General Conference Schedule in the Phillippines:
                Saturday 8 AM – Priesthood Session
                Saturday 11 AM – Saturday Morning
                Saturday 2 PM – Saturday Afternoon
                Sunday 9 AM – Sunday Morning
                Sunday 12 PM – Sunday Afternoon
Love ya all!
Sister Rossberg
 PS: you can look up and watch all of General Conference on ;)

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  1. Love seeing a picture of Sister Pilkington and Sister Olivas in Sister Rossberg's blog. Sister Pilkington LOVES working with Sister Rossberg!