Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Baptism and some photos!

Abbi's first baptism in the San Felipe 2nd branch was a smashing success!!  And if you have been feeling picture deprived as we have, don't worry... you're about to become blown away with some awesome pictures of these amazing people in San Felipe.
Good Morning from San Felipe!
What a week! So first off we had our first baptism in this area!! WOOHOO!! It was Nanay Letecia, her grandson and another new member from the Elder's area. There were many who attended and we really felt the support of the branch Saturday afternoon at the Baptism! So our Branch President planned a Branch activity before the baptism so that a lot of people would attend and be able to come and help the new converts feel welcome. When we got to the baptism, they weren't there So we called Nanay's daughter (who is a member) and she said they were still cooking, so we went to Nany's house to help her cook and prepare the food and the baptism was a success!!  I am so grateful for the gospel in my life and I love all of you, here's a bunch of pictures...
Love Sister Rossberg
San Felipe Branch!
Nanay Lete with her grandson on their baptism day!
Helping Nanay Lete

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