Thursday, September 19, 2013

Keep your Head Held High

Maganda Umaga sa inyo lahat! Mahal ko kayo! (Beautiful morning to everyone! I love you!)

So, how are you? It feels like it's been a while since I've sent a real email for all of you so sorry for that, it has been a little crazy but I just need to find time and I will do better, promise!:) So this next week we have District Conference (like stake conference) and it's my first time here in the Philippines so I am so excited and with the amount of missionaries that are departing from the branches here to go to other missions in the Philippines and over the world is so exciting to me! I am excited for them and as our Branch missionaries and Branch mission leaders become full-time missionaries; the need for others and more prepared members of the church is very apparent here in San Felipe Branch!

SO another transfer has passed by and no one in my zone was transferred which is good, because all of us except for the Zone Leaders are training new missionaries. We are in a "training zone" as President Querido says and I am very proud to be part of the Cabangan Zone! So anywho last Monday we had Family Home Evening at the first counselor of the branch's house and we had a great turn out.. we invited a lot of our investigators and less actives that we are working with. Most of them are girls so we are working on getting more leaders to join the church here because the church in the Philippines is in much need of some Priesthood! We are very blessed in the US to not have much of a problem with that. But it's great, and we work everyday to help the Church here grow because it has great potential!  But any who, like I said earlier, no one was transferred but on Tuesday, we did gain one more set of sisters in our Zone and now there are 3 sisters companionships in our zone, how exciting noh? And the Gorringe couple came to out DM, they are from Idaho and they are super great, fairly new and will be great for the mission.
So this week I realized 6 weeks have already passed and Sister Enguito deserves a better trainer so I will have to be the better trainer that she needs. And we are working on this week to be the best unified companionship and this is probably the last transfer we will have together. On Thursday, our Branch Mission Leader in San Agustin left for the MTC and I am so excited for him, he was a great help for us over there. And then on Friday this week, it started to rain again :) and I learned from some experiences that the secret is really to love everyone your working with and change yourself first when something in not working the best that it can, I love sister Enguito and we are doing really well in our area. 
We should have one baptism before then end of the month. Nanay Letecia, our investigator who is about 75, she is so great and I love her so much!  She wasn't feeling very well yesterday morning but came to church anyway and I am so proud of her example to me. As we were walking to visit Sister Letecia last night, it just started to rain and after we left but before we got to our next appointment it was raining so hard and little did I know, my umbrella has holes in the top and apparently it can't stand through that strong rain so... nagliggo kami sa ulan (we showered in the rain) but not on purpose!

But it was a great, great day and another great week! I hope you all are doing great and have a great week! Mahal ko kayo! (I love you!)
Love sister rossberg :)
"Keep your head held high"
Sisters in our Zone and Sister Gorringe

our I2L's last week... :)

Us and our Branch Missionaries

Branch activity Sis Trapsi (Far left), BM, and Elder Mediado


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