Monday, August 19, 2013

Miracles Happen as a Result of Faithfulness and Obedience!

Our faithful sister missionary is off changing the Philippines with spiritual pixie dust!  A story this week is of about Sister Glavez's family.  She is the Primary President in their ward but her family hasn't been to church in a few years.  A series of events lead her family searching for answers and back to church!

The highlight this week is a summary of Abbi's hard work that is evident from her letters the past few weeks:
"This week has been full of miracles and I have noticed that miracles happen as a result of faithfulness and obedience!"

This baptism is of the elders in our branch.. no baptisms.. YET!

This is an FHE we had before the missionaries in the San Felipe ward left for their missions 

Me and my comp with Kathlyn (who is now Sister Resolme!)

Magandang umaga po sa inyo lahat! Salamat po sa inyong mga inisip at pagdasal para sa akin, mahal ko kayo!  OR if you speak English.. Good morning to everyone! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, I love you all.
This week has been full of miracles and I have noticed that miracles happen as a result of faithfulness and obedience!
This week, I would like to share a story of a less-active 19 year old man, his brother and his family.  We will call them the Galvez Family because this goes on the internet and I will keep their privacy :) So the Galvez family.. we found them through a referral.  Their mom is the Primary president in our branch and most of her children are inactive but despite that, she is faithful and magnifies her calling in the church. Her oldest son and his wife are both members, they have two children (10 and 6) they haven't been to church in a few years until one day, a miracle happened in their life and they realized they need God more than anything else in this life.
Brother Galvez, (we will call him Richard) after eating dinner had a sharp pain in his side but thought he would just sleep it off before he went to the hospital, but the whole night he could not sleep because of the pain and they went to the hospital at about 4 a.m.  After an evaluation, he was rushed into surgery. His spleen had a ruptured 5 days ago and was in critical condition. The doctors could not explain why or how he was still alive but the fact was that he was still alive and recovered quickly as well.

This last Sunday, I loved seeing the joy on Sister Galvez's (Primary pres.) face as she walked in with her son Fredrick and following were her two grandchildren, her son Richard, and his wife. They all said that they had a wonderful experience at church and are excited to continue to come and feel of the joy and peace of the gospel.

After we went to visit the Galvez Family on Tuesday this last week we found two people who were searching for answers: Brother Fredrick and Sister Leticia.  Leticia is Brother Galvez's mother-in-law. 
So first about Leticia. She has been being prepared by the Lord, Leticia is not yet a member but has been looking for something more since her husband passed away about 3 months ago. Nanay Leticia is about 72 year old and has only been religious because her husband was religious, so once he passed away, she thirsted for something more! So on Tuesday of last week we visited with Richard, his wife Mayla, their two children, and Leticia.  And Nanay Leticia accepted the invitation to be baptized and receive the missionary lessons! She has a hard time really getting the lessons all the way but her grand kids are so helpful in every lesson and accepted the assignment to read to their grandma so she can fully understand!  I cannot wait to help her every step of the way to baptism.
Now about Brother Fredrick, as we were leaving on Tuesday from the Galvez and we were looking for their mom, the Primary president, and he pointed us to where we could find her, we introduced ourselves and thought nothing of it and left on our way.  But that night, we got a text from Brother Fredrick asking us if we could come back and visit with him the following day, of course we accepted! The next day as we visited with Fredrick, he shared with us that he just feels like he needs to come back to church and something is definitely missing in his life and when he saw us the other day something just clicked and he knew he needed to talk with us
So I am sorry if this story is long and hard to understand but basically I know that the Lord puts people and happenings in our lives to bless others and I know that we can all be instruments in the Lord's hands as we righteously obey him and are in the right place at the right time! I love serving the people here and I am running out of time so I hope you have a great, great week! Continue to be the best that we all can be and look for opportunities to serve the Lord.  I love you all! Take care always!

Love, Sister Rossberg

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