Monday, August 26, 2013

Don't Ever Forget Your Potential!

I hear it's rainy season in the Philippines these days; I feel like it's a little early to start rainy season.  Doesn't it go all the way through winter??  But those rain boots are looking GOOD! 

Abbi's mention of exact obedience makes me so proud to see her serving.  She really does want to make the best of the year and a half she has and soak up all of the blessings available to her.  :)  It really is a testament to the fact that the commandments are not given to us as restrictions.  Through them, we are able to gain so many blessings.  Especially if we are trying to obey with all of our heart; just like a Sister missionary that I know.  I know that through exact obedience we can come to find our full potential and enjoy the presence of the Spirit. 

I loved this:
(about Alma 24:19) "And it got me thinking first, that I need to be more exactly obedient in keeping the commandments of God... so that we can receive the full blessings that the Lord is willing to give [me]." 


Check out these rain boots!
Our apartment

Our really cool room!

Good day to everyone!
How are you this week!! It has been another great week in the Philippines in the rainy season; we too have been having flash flood warnings and storms everyday but we still work, rain or shine! :) We just wear our super cute boots!! ;) It's great when it rains because everyone is home so we can teach, but the problem it's finally comfortable to sleep so everyone is home but they are sleeping! This week has been great though, we have been very blessed to be able to reach most of our goals as we are working with our investigators right now I just love them!!
We had a follow-up training early, at the 4 week mark of the training of Sister Engiuto's and the missionaries she came out with, so we learned a lot, a lot from there and things we can apply to our work everyday!! Nanay Laticia is so great! She came to church on Sunday and I cannot wait for her to be baptized this next month on the 28th!! Hopefully we will have a picture that I can send to you next week, because they are great, and Claire who is 20, one of our investigators, she came to church right away and she is learning so much, I love teaching her because she is so enthusiastic about everything and loves getting to know the members and the new things to her about our church!

So this morning, I was reading in Alma 24:19 about the Laminate converts and how faithful they are to their covenants and to the Lord. It says that when they were brought to know the truth, they were firm in that belief and nothing, save it be death, would keep them from following exactly the covenants and commandments of God. And it got me thinking first, that I need to be more exactly obedient in keeping the commandments of God. And then, I started thinking about the faithful and valiant servants of God here and all over the world, they are the truly converted and we all need to be like that so that we can receive the full blessings that the Lord is willing to give us.

Thank you to all of you that are the great examples to me that never miss a Sunday and are always in the Temple serving the Lord and God. You are amazing and I thank you all for being great.

Oh yeah SO one more thing.. CONGRATS to Tenille STUCKI on the engagement.. (What the? I was supposed to be your maid of honor.. ha joke.. but I am expecting an announcement!! CONGRATS girl!!)
And one more shout out to Mataya Phillips (Cook now) (Thanks for your announcement, I just got it last week and it was super great I started crying because I was so happy for you, I love you girl! congrats! ) I don't have their emails so that's why lol.. so thanks I love you guys!

Don't ever forget your potential! Take care always!
Love, Sister Rossberg

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