Sunday, August 3, 2014

So they say, the secret to missionary work is work!

Good morning!!
Another good week in the Philippines Olongapo mission, here in the Mandama ward! We had one investigator at church yesterday and 5 Less-active members, one who had returned yesterday. That is the least amount of investigators I have had in this area, and the most amount of Less-active members… so we were excited … sort of ;) 

As yesterday was for sure my last Fast and testimony meeting in Mandama ward, I took the first opportunity to stand up and bear my testimony to these wonderful saints of the Philippines. I have really grown to love these people as I have worked side by side with them for almost 8 months of being here in Mandama, they have become like family to me and I really am going to miss everyone of the saints here . The rest of sacrament meeting was really good.The rest of sacrament meeting was really good. the ones who got up to bear their testimony did so well and it brought the spirit into the room and filled my heart. I am drawing a blank as I try to think of what happened this week, the days seem to just fly by. 

As the hours sneak past us, they turn into days and the days turn into weeks, here I am with less than a week left in the field as a full-time missionary and it does not feel real. I never thought this moment would come and now its way to close. I know that I have done my best. I have made mistakes and I have had many st backs but I have learned so much from my Savior, he has lead me along this path and especially in this journey in this mission. I have really been pondering this last couple week if what could I do more, with the short time that I have left. 

I was reading the other day in Alma 38 and came across verse 2 that says; “I TRUST that I shall have great joy in you, because of your STEADINESS and your FAITHFULLNESS unto God” It made me reflect on the work here in the field and at home, the reality of God’s trust in each and everyone of us but the thing is, the choice is ours with what we will do with that trust he has so freely given to us. I know that as we endure to the end and do all we can as members of Christ’s true church to share  his great gospel, he will bless us.
I love you and I hope that you all have a great week.
Sister Rossberg

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