Sunday, July 27, 2014

Endings and new beginnings

It was a rather good week!! Normal day, no crazy blackouts, storms or floods, just the normal rain and hot days. I am glad its back to normal :)  We had some good baptisms last week which means it’s that time again, for finding and we are enthusiastic about it! We have been finding through our own efforts again and trying to find others who will help us and refer those they know that the Lord has prepared. We found a family in a corner of one of our areas called ‘Mambog’ they have many acquaintances that are Mormon but have never met the missionaries, I feel very privileged to teach them and help them come to the knowledge of the truth. For those of you who didn’t know, It was my birthday on Thursday ;)and of course we partied! My beloved companion, sister Pilkington, put together a surprise Thursday night after our last appointment, we headed over to the Nivera’s  house. She was doing “Laundry” when we walked in a lot members and the other sisters were there, they sang happy birthday, we ate cake and fried fish and pancit! Sounds like a party to me!
Saturday, we made sure to get some good appointments in, in the morning so that we could party that night (our schedule was booked from 3-9)! There was a ‘rescue caravan’ or visiting with the ward that we attended and talked and counseled with bishop. The sisters had a baptism that I was so happy to be able to attend and feel the spirit of their new converts! Their testimonies were very sweet and I was touched by each one of them. We had a couple of our investigators attend as well and it helped them to be excited about their baptism in the next coming weeks! Then we partied! They held a Ward Family home evening in the cultural hall, we played games and it was good to help some of the investigators and recent converts get out of their shell and get to know people in the Ward!
Sunday was an exciting day!! We woke up a little early so that we could attend a meeting first thing with the bishop and his counselors. We met and discussed some of the problems in the ward and what we could do to help encourage reverence in all meetings. We are excited, little by little it will improve, it just might take a little patience on our part. Sacrament meeting was SO good! It was packed and we had a ton of investigators come that we did not expect to show up, and all out investigators that we were expecting, never did come. But I will count my many blessings and be grateful that we got Nancy (our recent convert as of last week) and her WHOLE family at church on Sunday… and they stayed all three hours! It is amazing what some good fellow shipping and real friendships at church can do to help people feel welcome!
We left church early to dart over to Dinalupihan real fast to catch sister Dahle and President to talk about some important matters and ended up missing the other classes but the sisters filled us and it sounded like the investigators really enjoyed the classes and I am glad they were able to stay.
This morning, we left the house at 5:30 to make it to Balanga in time to catch a bus to Mt. Sammat (again) with our zone! We had a blast looking at the historical sites again  and enjoying the museum with our zone. It was a blast! Wellp I love you all I hope you have a great week. Loves you!
Sister Rossberg

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