Sunday, April 13, 2014

The light of the gospel! (04-13-2014)

New Companion, Sister Jayaweera
Good morning po to all of you!! I know you watched conference last week and its old news to you by now but I just watched it yesterday and the day before and boy is it still fresh in my mind!! I loved the talks, inspiring words and love that I felt as we listened in the Balanga stake with the saints from all over Balanga. I heard you saw some pictures from after the conference when President Querido came! :) the conference was the best and I really appreciate the talks that you sent me, I also enjoyed those ones and I look forward to printing them out and studying them and being able to read it in the May Ensign too!! :) This week has been great, we had transfers, sister Valles traded me and headed up to the center, we will miss her in the Orani zone and I have a new amazing companion who is actually in the batch of sister Valles but is from Shrilanka, a place that I too had never heard of before until Wednesday morning when I asked who my new companion was. Even though our work was a little disrupted with traveling for conference, we still met our goals and helped our investigators and recent converts be able to watch the conference as well!

Last night we had the opportunity to attend a funeral service for a man the married into a mormon family but has not yet become a member. He had just returned from being abroad for about two years on a ship, when he suddenly had as heart attack last Wednesday night. At 43 years old, he left his wife and two kids.The funeral service and hymns were put on by the ward and it was a very nice service. I had only met brother Celso once or twice and didn’t have much of a chance to talk with him but they shared some great memories about him and the whole time his wife and two kids were talking about their dad I just kept thinking how I would feel in their situation and the words that kept coming into my head was “it will all be okay” I know that it takes time to heal wounds that life presents through happenings that we don’t expect but I have a testimony of this work and the plan of God for ALL His children. I know the world is continuing to be ready and fulfill signs for the second coming. But I know that if we are prepared, we will not fear and the scriputres say that it will be a joyous day when we are called back to our father to never leave his presence again. I love this gospel and I love this work. It is my testimony that I have gained through great experience that is the reason I am in this work and it will always be apart of my life. Take care, and have a fantastic week!  :)
Love Sister R
my sister on the mission.. shes adorable

transfers were early :) ...sleeping!

Walking in the rice fields!

Rice fields in the distance and mango trees in Mambog :)
(w/ Brother Ceasar helping us find less active members)

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