Saturday, March 29, 2014

Faith isn't faith until it has been tried. (3-29-2014)

Good evening!! :) just because your probably wondering, we have to email tonight because we are planning an activity with our whole mission on monday and wont have time to email so i will say, Magandang Gabi!

What a week this has been! The last week of march and the getting everything ready for the baptism of Jhay Khim and on  the sisters in Mandama for sister Gellin!! we had a beautiful baptism earlier and we definitely had the support of the youth! Both of these newly baptized were found through Less-active finding. I know that the lord has prepared people all over, all the time to receive the gospel and I feel so blessed to be apart of this work right now!  Let me tell you a little bit about Jhay Khim, he lives in Mandama, Hermosa, Bataan, Philippines is 18 years old and hold a big responsibility in his family. He helps his step dad with their bread making business and sells breakfast bread or 'pandasal' every morning before he goes to school. When we first started teaching him he would only be able to come to church every other Sunday because of his family business but he finally worked out with his parents and has been able to go to church straight for the past month or so. His faith is great and I loved seeing how excited he was to be baptized today, the 29th of March! So that was what we did today and I am grateful for the support of the ward for these newly baptized members! 

I know that whatever we are going through in our lives at this point is what the lord would have us be doing! And I know that he knows our struggles, he knows our hardships and how to help us. My testimony was strengthened today as we taught The Restoration to one of our Recent converts, we are each called to this earth to finish part of the plan and I feel so privileged to be called to this earth at this time where the veil feels very thin. I know this work is urgent and I know that we are not here to stop the work but to push it along. I love the Lord and I know that the power Atonement of Jesus Christ is real. I love each and everyone of you! I Hope you have a great week and make sure to wish Bekah BROWN a HAPPY BIRTHDAY this monday, March 31st! Love you!
Love, Sister Rossberg

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