Monday, December 2, 2013

Restoration and the happiest little girl

Can you believe that it's December 2nd already?  I hope your Thanksgiving was as fantastic, full of turkey (with cranberry relish) and family time as ours was.  

Abbi was working away as always, this week she and the 3 companionships serving in their branch held a Missionary Fireside about the Restoration of the Gospel.  

Our prophets and apostles have devoted their lives to sharing the gospel and declaring the word of the Lord.  Take 2 minutes out of your life to just watch this video.  No distractions, no reading Facebook with it in the background.  Just you and Elder L. Tom Perry, a messenger of the Lord.  

Mormon Messages: The Message of the Restoration

Ps: I love reading in Abbi's letter, "[Joseph Smith] was a true prophet of God who was sent here to help each one of us to gain the gospel in our lives" for two reasons:  
1.  'gain the gospel' sounds like a translation from another language to English which means that our little Sister missionary is doing awesome with her Tagalog. 
2. Seriously, read that again - what a great testimony!

December already! where does time go? This week was so great! WE had our first baptism this transfer on Saturday. Her name is Bragie (Br-ah-gee) and I love her to death. We tried to make her baptism really special and she was like the happiest girl on earth on saturday, she borrowed Sister Harts' white dress to be baptized in and she looked just like a princess! She could not stop smiling, and as soon as she came out of the water, she had a HUGE smile on her face, I have never seen someone so full of joy. It was like she had no cares in the world. This is was baptism does for us, it helps see a little bit of heaven and what it will be like.. now our job is to not forget that and never forget the promises we made with our heavenly father.  I am so excited for Bragie to help her become strong in the church and be a great blessing to her family.

And yesterday at sacrament, she was confirmed a brand new member of the church! Yesterday I saw FAMILIES at church and I really felt the Spirit in our fast and testimony Sacrament meeting. The gospel changes lives when we live it's principles and I am so glad that I have the blessings of the FULL gospel in my life, I would literally be lost with out it. 

This week we have been preparing for this Branch Missionary Fireside that we were able to have yesterday after church. Yesterday we put on a fireside about The Restoration of the gospel and the why's, hows and blessings that we can gain that can only come from the Restoration, and the fact that we have the Priesthood back on the earth which means we have a living prophet, and the ability to be sealed here on this earth and to we can also be sealed in heaven (Helaman 10:7).  I really felt the spirit there as we sectioned off the blessings and each of the three companionships took a principle and shared the blessings from that.  And we sang, a lot ha, i wish you all could have been there it was pretty great :)

I am so grateful for the gospel and the opportunity to be able to meet our brothers and sisters here in the Philippines, they are some of the sweetest, and most kind people I have ever met, I love them so much I am so grateful for the opportunity to help them to learn the gospel so that they too can gain eternal life with their families! I don't know if you have ever missed your family ;) but I sure miss my family right now but I know that it's a small sacrifice to pay so that others here in the Philippines can be with their families forever and not miss their families for the rest of eternity.  

I am grateful for the gospel and more than that, I have a testimony of Joseph Smith, that he was a true prophet of God who was sent here to help each one of us to gain the gospel in our lives. 

I love you all.  Happy advanced Christmas! It's CHristmas already! I hope you have a great week! For those of you in school, hold in there until the break!! you can do it :) 

Love, Sister Rossberg

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