Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just Love!

Every week, I see Abbi becoming a person who is stronger, more confident, full of conviction and gaining a greater love for life and the people she is serving.  It's so great to see!  She has this amazing ability to love and care for people with no expectation of return.  She is a great friend and I know that the people in the Philippines are so lucky to have her.
Grandpa Rossberg passed away last Friday, and has been on our minds for the past few days.  It is so comforting to have a knowledge of the Plan of Salvation, and know that he is where he needs to be and he is now able to once again serve the Lord.  Abbi's comments brought a lot of peace and comfort to me. 


Maraming salamat (Thanks) for sending the package so soon.. I was expecting it by like Christmas and was going to tell you that I don't need all of it but thank you so much :) You're so obedient. I really appreciate it and sorry if it was expensive I am so glad it all worked out the way it did.. I LOVE you and I am grateful to hear that everyone is doing well despite the passing of a very dear friend, Father and Grandfather this past week. I am so happy to hear that Grandpa Rossberg's passing was peaceful and that Grandma Rossberg is doing well on her own. I know that the Lord will take care of her! I know the Plan of Salvation is real and I know that Grandpa is in a much better place than on this earth. The Plan of Salvation is our reality. This is real, there is another life after this one and it's not the end. God is the same and in 2 Nephi 9:26, if we are only obedient in this life and follow the will of God, we will receive the promises that are given in the scriptures, 2 Nephi 9:20-22 from that we are promised a Resurrection, we came to this earth to receive a body so it just makes sense that we will obtain that body once again in a perfected and Resurrection state even as God. We are also promised that we will become like God only conditioned on our righteousness; we will live with our families and Heavenly Father throughout eternity. I am grateful for Grandpa and for the life that he lived and was able to live his life in such a way to bless others with all his time, talents, and means. He is truly an amazing example to me of a servant of the Lord. I will ever be grateful for him and his hard work in the gospel. I am sorry that I don't know what else to say but I love Grandpa Rossberg and I am so grateful that I was able to spend a lot of time with them before I left for my mission. This life isn't permanent, we know that.. So I know that if we live everyday and treat everyone with mabait (kind)-ness no matter what... that is when we are following Christ's example and trying to live up to the "standard of excellence" he set for us in this life.

But as for an update for me.. this week has been very good.. We went to a new area that I haven't been since I have been in San Agustin and It is MAGANDA(BEAUTIFUL)! If I have time, I'll upload pictures. I am improving still everyday and am able to express myself more in Tagalog each and everyday... it is mediyo mahirap pero (a little bit difficult but) it is possible and this is the will of the Lord, that I learn a new language, so I will do it. The will of the Lord is very simple, if you follow his will, you will be blessed in this life and the life to come. If you disobey and not do everything to be obedient to the laws of the gospel and of God, you will be destroyed at the Last day... harsh but it's the words of God and he does not take Salvation lightly.

I love teaching! I love being able to understand more Tagalog than ever before. I think I learn from the less-active member lessons the most kasi (because) they have a testimony, they knew it was true once in their life, they just fell from the righteous path and are struggling to stay afloat among the trials. the Lord promises us that he will lighten our burdens, He is always there all we have to do it have faith, 'Come follow me' and susunod(then) his gospel and kautusan(order). I know the Lord wants to help each of us and I know he is always there. I love this gospel and I love being able to help people repent and come unto Christ every day... It is so fulfilling to help people realize, they need Christ more than they need anything else on this earth. I love fulfilling my purpose as a missionary!

Know my prayers and thoughts are with you, and especially the Rossberg's at this time.  I love you all. God Speed.

Love Sister Rossberg

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